Terry Carter

TELL US ABOUT YOUR FAMILY - My wife, Re-C, and I have one daughert, Jade; one son, John Mark and four grandchildren, Hydie Grace, Carter, Bryson, and Emma Kate.  Our grandchildren are stair-stepped ranging form ages seven to a year and a half. 


WHERE WERE YOU BORN? - I am an Air Force brat.  I was born in Sumter, south Carolina and lived in several places around the country and oversees.  I finished high school at Louisville High School.

WHERE DID YOU GO TO SCHOOL? - I went to East Central Community College, which was called East Central Junior College at the time.  I majored in vocational welding and electrical.

WHAT ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES AT FBC? - I have been in charge of all of the maintenance for the church facilities since 2007.  I am responsible for the boilers, HVAC systems, all the plumbing  and electrical.  I have two people who I am responsible for who take care of our janitorial and housekeeping needs so I oversee that as well.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO AWAY FROM MINISTRY? - My son and I like to go bow fishing together.  I have a boat set up specifically for bow fishing at night.  It's outfitted with LED lights, and we've used it to compete in night fishing tournaments. I also fly drones as a hobby.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT DOING MINISTRY AT FBC? - What I like most about my job is the interaction with the people.  I am semi-retired and took this job to be closer to my church family.  We have a bond with the members and the staff.  It's definitely more of a ministry than just a job. 

WHAT IS THE GREATEST SPIRITUAL TRUTH YOU HAVE DISCOVERED? - My greatest spiritual truth is that Jesus died for our sins in order for us to have a personal relationship with God.

TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF THAT MOST PEOPLE WOULDN'T KNOW - I don't think most people know that out of all the places I have lived, I have liked living oversees the most.   People see me as a hometown boy, but I traveled the biggest part of my life as a kid.