Worship is at the heart of the Christian's relationship with God.  The first of the Ten Commandments teaches us that we should put nothing before God (Exodus 20:3).  In today's world that is difficult.  There are many things that call out for our attention.  Through the worship ministry at FBC we seek to encourage people to put Jesus first.  In fact, that is the most basic definition of worship - to put Jesus first.  

At FBC, those who lead in the worship ministry seek to bring weekly inspiration to live life for God's glory.  We do this through music, media and messages that inspire, encourage and challenge the believer and exalt Jesus Christ as Lord.  We seek to provide an environment where Jesus is experienced and taught.  We want worshipers to not only know about Jesus, we want them to know him so that they may experience the transformational power of the gospel.

Worship at FBC is not a spectator event.  We are committed to doing things with excellence, but we do not seek to entertain or perform.  Our desire is for worshipers to be totally engaged - spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically.